Need Help?

Haddon Heights residents and students attending Haddon Heights Borough schools who are in need of financial or material assistance can contact Haddon Heights Good Neighbors at 856-546-6677 or send email to to make their needs known. Assistance is limited to Haddon Heights residents, and all claims are thoroughly investigated and handled with discretion.

Haddon Heights Good Neighbors, Inc. is a resource of last resort, that is, it does not go into action if there are existing adequate sources of assistance. For example, if a working mother calls for help with rental payments, she may not be aware that she qualifies for general assistance under a county or state program. A worker hurt on the job may not be aware that he or she is entitled to temporary disability and other benefits under worker's compensation laws.

The following is a list of the many types of payments that Good Neighbors has made on behalf of recipients over the years: